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25 sqm recording-room with optimized acoustics & a nice ambience for your vocals and instruments. Professional mic preamps and studio microphones will give you the best recording quality.


With powerful tools, your tracks will be mixed according to your needs. The finest monitoring guarantees that your mix goes to air just as it was meant to be.


The last step of the production to obtain a clear, broad and loud sound without unwanted distortion or loss of quality.

Full Production

From the first to last step you get everything for a fixed, flat-rate price. Together we'll start with analysing your demo for pre-production, then take it in to recording, mixing and mastering*. Then we can look into marketing and label inquiries.

*For an extra fee, we can also send your track to major studio Pitchback Studios for stem mastering.



Mark Zheng was interested in music at an early age and soon wanted to try to mix his own tracks. 15 years ago, he began to produce music from up-and-coming artists within his circle of friends. It quickly became clear that he had a special talent for it. Better than others, he managed to imagine the final sound even before the first note was recorded. Since then, the range of services and the target group has expanded enormously. Today he is a top music producer in the metalcore, hardcore, pop-punk & skate-punk scenes. Be it sound design or music production - you can count on it: every track Zheng Production Studio touches will sound sensational. Would you like to know more or arrange a personal meeting?


Contact Zheng Production Studio here or call 01726358927

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